José Antonio is a Portuguese-Brazilian author, grandson, and son of Portuguese descent, living in Portugal and Brazil.

His wife is a music teacher, his daughter is a journalist, and his son is an economist.

He was born and grew up on his grandfather’s farm, where he learned about rural life and received teachings about Portuguese life.

He graduated from the High School of Physical and Biological Sciences, MKT Technical School, and got a BA in Mathematics.

He played soccer until he was 23 years old on children’s, youth, amateur, and professional teams.

He entered business life in education and technology as an IT Teacher, Manager, Author, Researcher, and IT Director.

He was an IT Executive at USA WebCT, and a Digitalis Portugal educational representative in Brazil.

He is an Author, Researcher on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation in Portugal.

He likes soccer and traveling to meet people and visit countries.

His wish is that everyone lives in peace on this planet.

His books address topics such as soccer, family, education, and technology. It is published in English and Portuguese versions.

The book “Football that Comes from God” is autobiographical and shows the romantic side of soccer.

The book “As my Portuguese Grandfather used to say” shows you how to face difficult moments using the wisdom of the Portuguese family.

The book “Big Data for Executives and Professionals” shows how technology is revolutionizing products, services, markets, and careers.


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José Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)

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AI Researcher & Author | USA WebCT IT Exec | Portuguese-Brazilian | Tech Educ Director | Digitalis Portugal Partner | Ex-Soccer Athlete | Advocating Peace.